Welcome To Georgia!

Georgia is one of the most interesting states. It has beautiful rural areas, mountain landscapes and sandy beaches, but also vibrant metropolitan areas where people live their life at high speed.

The weather in Georgia is a little bit surprising. You can have several seasons in as long as one day. Summers can go extremely hot, so you’ll feel like not getting out of your house unless in case of emergency. Winters, however, can be freezing cold with temperatures that may prevent your car from starting in the morning.

In terms of traffic, things aren’t any different than in other places. Rural areas are usually calm and quiet, while urban agglomerations can easily drive you insane. In the Atlanta metropolitan area, for instance, you can expect to spend quite a while in traffic jams, especially if you need to go somewhere during peak hours. This isn’t surprising, most of us being already used to these crazy commutes that make us waste so much of our time. You should also be aware that Atlanta has a highway going around it. If you stick to it, you’ll see that you’ll be turning in circles. This is something that can get annoying, so be very careful and leave the ring at the right crossing, if you don’t want to take another tour of the city.

Georgia is famous for its green pastures and its cotton fields. However, you shouldn’t image there’s nothing else around. You can have sandy beaches, forests and hills, so there are lots of outdoor adventure opportunities. You won’t miss your camping trips, that’s for sure. All you need to do is to inform yourself thoroughly before going on a road trip, so that you can find everything you need, just when you need it. Some areas are less populated, so you may not want to run out of gas while crossing them.

Georgia is also famous for its high quality education opportunities. There are lots of good schools and universities, so you can study pretty much anything you want, without having to move to another state. This is a huge advantage for families with children, and a good incentive to make them consider relocating to this state. If money is not an issue, you may choose to live in a beautiful mansion in Savannah, so that you can have a full taste of the intriguing southern atmosphere.