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Trump loses his main financial backer

Decidedly, nothing is going any more between Donald Trump and the American establishment.After the caciques of the Republican Party who turn their backs on him, the host of the White House has just lost his main financial support: Sheldon Adelson, 28th world fortune according to the Forbes 2020 ranking, died January 12 at 87.

And what support! In 2020 alone, the self-made man turned casino giant spent $ 180 million to support Trump's re-election - an all-time high! Four years earlier, he had donated $ 25 million to his victorious campaign and $ 5 million for his inauguration ceremony.

Donald Trump obviously cracked a praising statement: "Sheldon lived the true American dream.His ingenuity, his genius and his creativity have earned him immense wealth, but his character and his philanthropic generosity, his great name (...) The world has lost a great man.We will miss him.”The president said nothing about the role played by this“ philanthropist ”in his political career.

Nor of his origins.Unlike Donald Trump, Sheldon Adelson is not a son of a family born into luxury and the ideology of the Republican Party.Like his parents and the vast majority of American Jews, Adelson was first was a Democrat, Ron Kampeas, one of the few journalists who interviewed him, said:

“He comes from a very modest background.His father, a Lithuanian who fled the pre-war pogroms, was a taxi driver in Boston, where little Adelson was born.His mother was a home seamstress."

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Posted Date: 2021-01-15

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