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Real estate: can we buy housing during confinement?

The rules of the second confinement being, for the time being, less strict than in the spring, those who were engaged in the process of buying an apartment or a house can continue their procedures, with certain limits, however.

I had to sign this month at the notary, can I keep my appointment?

Yes.Unlike March, travel "to a legal professional, for an act or procedure that cannot be carried out remotely" remains authorized.It is therefore still possible to sign a contract or pre-sales contract at the notary.real estate (promise or compromise).

In the event of an inspection, you must present your certificate of exceptional travel and the summons to the notary.If the latter does not want to receive you, or if you prefer not to travel, you can use the dematerialized power of attorney and be represented by a agent, like the collaborator of the notary, so that he signs the deed for you.

What about remote signatures, by videoconference?

The signing of authentic notarial acts by remote appearance, via a secure videoconferencing system approved by the profession, "had been authorized during the first confinement and should be again, indicates David Ambrosiano, president of the Board of Governors.of the notary.A new decree, not published at the time of writing, is planned to regulate this practice during the second confinement.

This is the number of notarial acts signed by the client with remote appearance, by videoconference, during the first confinement and in the weeks that followed, thanks to the decree of April 3, 2020 temporarily authorizing this practice.confinement, barely more than 40% of notarial offices were equipped with secure videoconferencing facilities, it is now 70% of studies that have a videoconference room, specifies David Ambrosiano, president of the Superior Council of Notaries."And , since November 3, a new approved version of this heavy equipment, totally secure and more flexible, has been deployed in the territory, thus completing the equipment of offices, ”he announces.However, many notaries believe that the generalization of this country-wide process comes up against the infrastructure defects of the Internet network, which does not allow smooth videoconferencing exchanges.

Posted Date: 2020-12-11

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